Hi there! My name is Autumn Farrell and I am a hand-lettering artist, muralist, illustrator, designer, writer, creative thinker, former Trader Joe’s employee, current Trader Joe’s enthusiast and Tempe, Arizona resident.  I specialize in hand lettering and I’m more than a little obsessed with chalkboards. I design and create wedding signs, menu boards, wall art, and pretty much anything else you can imagine! 

Send me an email  and I’d love to work with you on any of your creative needs.


Please click on any of the links below for a downloadable PDF.

Autumn Farrell Cover Letter

Autumn Farrell Resume

Autumn Farrell Portfolio

Autumn Farrell Image List

Autumn Farrell Press Release


One thought on “Contact

  1. Greetinge Autumn my name is Lee/”yarz”. 1st off you’re an inspiration to me. I follow you on Instagram (yarz4wvn). I adore your chalk boards. & Now giving more respect as I see more side’s of your talent displayed on this/your website. I’m still a (beginner/self taught) pinstriper/ sign painter/ hand letterer using mostly 1shot lettering enamel. Now currently attending formal education in Doc Gutherie’s Sign Graphics course in DTLA).

    Chalk boards. Havent done a lot but, they’re super fun and easier. Chalk is easier to control than a brush lol! As I type I’m working a huge “chalkboard” job for a yogi/vegan restaurant in Long Beach, CALi. If you consider sharing a little guidance with me I’d deeply appreciate that. I wanted to contact you specifically because I see sign painting charisma in your works. Thanks for your time time reading this.

    Have a gorgeous and fulfilling day Autumn!

    My contact
    562 340 3268


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