Seed Spot and Start Up America Event

I had the pleasure of participating in a really exciting start-up business event last month, where I was brought on to take “live hand lettering” notes on the discussion that was happening at that very moment behind me! Cool, right? Basically what all us artsy, doodling, folk do in our notepads during lectures or events, I was able to do on a huge four foot by eight foot chalkboard in front of the entire conference room!

So, during this short one hour session, I was able to listen to a panel of experienced entrepreneurs give advice to a room full of up and coming entrepreneurs with new businesses, and capture the whole thing with live hand lettering.

The result? Something pretty cool… check it out for yourself below!

A big thanks to Seed Spot Phoenix, Start Up America and Start Up AZ for their dedication to developing young entrepreneurs and for encouraging the best and brightest to stay in Arizona and make it a better place!

Follow on Twitter: @seedspot  @startup_AZ  @startupamerica

Close Up 1


Close Up 2 Finished Product Sponsors of the Event

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