Silence Broken




I find myself this brisk January afternoon at a coffee shop called Lux in downtown Phoenix, latte in hand and MacBook at the ready. After eight long months of website silence, I have finally added some photos of a few projects I have been working on. You will find them under the “Painting”, “Trader Joe’s”, and “Cards” tabs.  I’m sad to say, most of what I have been working on has been for my job at Trader Joe’s, with a few freelance projects peppered in there and even fewer projects done for fun. As I move farther away from my graduation last May, I find my heart is drawn more and more towards freelance work and the eclectic nature of the work it promises. So far I’ve done portraits, murals at a youth fitness center, children’s murals in their bedrooms, cards, and wedding invitations. I can’t wait to keep exploring the wild world of freelance, never knowing what jobs may arise next! 

 Here is one of my favorite little side-projects I did for fun. This was the card that went along with a care package that I sent to my boyfriend while he was out of town for a few months.Image

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