Things to do on a Rainy Day (In Arizona)


The place where a light sprinkle is deemed unconquerable, hazardous weather. The state whose inhabitants are literally baffled as to how to transport themselves anywhere when moisture is present. An environment where the sunburns are plenty (even during the winter) and the clouds are few.

What will you do when water falls from the sky and clouds shield the sun’s rays from your brow, Oh Arizonans?

Rather than lament the absence of the sunny days of the past, let’s embrace this chance to pretend like we live somewhere besides a desert, shall we? I would like to offer some of my creative solutions for boredom during this potentially rainy season.

Things to do on a rainy day (in Arizona):

1. Play in the Rain

If you don’t have rain boots, get some. There are hours of endless puddle-splashing fun to be had on a great, overcast rainy day like this!

2. Paint your Nails

Get rid of that old color on your toenails. Who cares if your nails will be hidden under rain boots all day? Painting your nails is all about you anyway!

3. Read a Book

You know that stack of books on your shelf that you have always meant to read, but never really had the time to? Well, turn off the TV and pick one of them up. I guarantee you will enjoy it.  I just bought “The Complete Short Stories of Mark Twain” from a library book sale over Thanksgiving and I’m itching to start flipping through its old, frail pages!

4. Sip Tea

My favorite tea to drink when it’s cold outside is chai tea. If you like latte’s, I would recommend Trader Joe’s Spicy Chai Latte mix! It’s a dry powder that you simply mix with hot water. So easy. So delicious.

5. Rearrange your Room



I must get tired of my room more than the average person, because it seems like I have the urge to rearrange at least every two months. This time the desire hit me, it was luckily rainy outside–a perfect excuse to stay in and change my surroundings. I also was able to sweep and mop quite thoroughly, too!

6. Play Sudoku Puzzles

I think we can all agree that completing a Sudoku puzzle is a much better use of brain power than staring at a TV or computer screen.

7. Decorate your light switch covers!

This is a simple, easy way to give your room a personal touch. Just get some scraps of old, grandma-pattern wallpaper and glue it to your existing light switch covers. Make sure to wrap the excess around the back so the front is seamless and beautiful!

8. Crochet a Headband

My lovely roommate crocheted this adorable headband for me. I am going to be real with y’all, I do not know how to crochet. But next time I am stuck inside on a rainy day, I plan on learning how.

To buy a headband just like mine, visit my roomie’s Etsy shop:

9. Have a Photo Shoot in the Rain!

Featuring: My other beautiful roommate, Heather!


10. Go through your closet and pick out new outfits by making new combinations of your old clothes.

11. Try cooking a new recipe.

12. Learn to braid your hair in a new way.

My favorite hair reference blog:

13. Do your laundry while listening to a Ray LaMontagne Pandora station.

14. Sketch a picture of yourself!

And finally…

15. Take a nap. We could all use a good nap every once in a while.


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