On the Go!

We are always in such a rush, aren’t we? We need to get from A to B– and fast! The most obvious form of transportation, then, would be a car.

Aren’t there so much more interesting opportunities to utilize different systems of transportation?

How lovely would it be to ride a bike to class instead of drive? To travel at a speed that actually allows you to observe your surroundings?

Or if you’re not the physical-activity type of person, what about a Vespa?

…Or a motorcycle?

…Or a skateboard?

…Or skates?

…Or heck, why not just walk somewhere?

I wish we could slow down long enough to give ourselves time to utilize different systems of transportation. Personally, I cherish the ten minute bike ride I take to school every morning. It seems that every day I discover a new house that I never noticed before. I know that in America we will never be without cars, but I do wish that we would stop being so dependent on them.

This week I am going to walk somewhere instead of drive and take advantage of the beautiful weather in my awesome town, Tempe, AZ.

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