Alec Baldwin Supports Arts Advocacy

Besides winning my heart in his role as Jack Donaghy on the show 30 Rock, Alec Baldwin proves his worth as an advocate of the arts.  In this CNN video (link shown below) Baldwin explains to the reporter that funding for the arts is absolutely essential. He argues that in the event of reduced funding, America’s youth will suffer greatly. If young people’s only exposure to art is through the music, television, and film industries, then their ability to develop an independent and unique creativity will be stifled.

I grew up in a world where TV was only just blooming to the level of significance that it is today in young people’s lives. Fortunately these conditions allowed me the chance to develop creatively and independently. Now that television reigns supreme, it is more important than ever for arts education to receive proper funding and to be regarded as essential for youth development.

Check out this interview with Alec Baldwin and other celebrities like Kevin Spacey:

Arts Advocacy

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