Perfect Age for Inspiration

I am 21 years old. I am impulsive. I like colors–a new favorite every month. Right now I’m obsessed with yellow. Green used to be the color that held my affections. Before that I had a short term relationship with orange. Part of me thinks I am a bit spastic when it comes to my inspiration, but isn’t that just what inspiration is supposed to be? All over the place? It would be highly unoriginal to grab all of your interests from one source.

I am the perfect age for random, spastic inspiration. I am at the perfect spot in my life, too. I am young, (though old enough to be developing my own sense of style) and I am unmarried–free to change my mind and change my wardrobe whenever my bank account allows. I do not work an office job, so I need not worry about labels like “business casual.” I can wear what I want and look the way I want.

One constant source of inspiration that I’ve found is GARAGE SALES. They are awesome. Rummaging through other people’s discarded stuff with the hope of making it your own for mere pocket change? Yes please. The thrill comes when you piece together all of your loot at the end of the day. Although I don’t ever really mean to, but the items I end up buying always seem to go together beautifully. I suppose this is because I am inspired toward a certain direction or feel every time I venture out to the world of garage sales.

Here is an example of one of my beautifully cohesive garage sale purchases:

Now isn’t that just lovely?

What are you the perfect age for?

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