A Suitcase Filled with Cash or Crayons

If I was given the choice between finding a suitcase full of money or a suitcase full of art supplies, I honestly don’t know which one I would chose. Is there really any difference? Certainly money would seem like the answer initially. Who wouldn’t take a suitcase full of money?  Money has its value, certainly, but the only worth that you will get out of that suitcase is the face-value amount of the money inside of it. Sure, you could invest that money and it might turn around and produce more money in the future, but let’s face it: none of us are that good at investing.  Art supplies, however, are the tools with which I am able to multiply money.

Calm down, Autumn. There is no way that you could make more money than an entire suitcase of money with just some measly paints and brushes. Yes, I am aware that at my current student-status, it would be a feat indeed. But I would argue that the value of art is much more than simply crumbled twenty dollar bills shoved into your designer jean pockets. Give me money and it’s gone within days. Give me art supplies and I can make you something that endures, something worth much more than money .

Just to be clear, however, whether you be rich in cash or crayons, know that I would not reject either gift. If you do happen to have a case of money lying around that you’re looking to get rid of, far be it from me to stop you from tossing it in my direction. I might just magically be able to turn it into a suitcase of art supplies.

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